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Welcome to the online version of TMX2012

Grades (28 March 2001)

This Intranet site  will be your one stop information center, where you can get information about the course. Course announcements, assignments and lecture notes can be accessed from here. If you need any help or you wish to provide feedback to us, feel free to email me at . Your feedback can be used to improve the effectiveness of this course. (Most of the information in this site is obtained from FIT, UNIMAS who are responsible for the design of this curriculum.  I have however modified some portion of the course to cater for the college).

Course Code 

TMX 2012

Course Title 

Power Tools for Knowledge Workers  

Type of Course  



TMX0011 End-User Computing  


Devadason Robert Peter  

Course Aim  


This course is specially designed to expose you to the use of IT tools in the work place. After this course, you will be able to interact with general IT tools in the market and be benefit from its usage in daily life & workplace.

Learning Objectives




Upon successful completion of this course, you should be capable of :

Exploring and making use of IT
Using software packages to improve personal productivity

Course Synopsis 





The course will discuss the importance of IT tools and why Knowledge Workers are important in information age. We will cover interesting topics like Internetworking, Intranet, multimedia, image processing and personal information management in this course. Other important issues like ethic, network security and computer virus will also be covered in this course. During this course you will develop skills and understanding about the importance of technology, how to be knowledgeable workers and use tools the right way. We also hope to expose you to some technical, theory and practices knowledge in the computing environment so that you will appreciate them and be ready to become knowledgeable workers later. Thus, this course is intended to prepare you to move into the real world work force.



Test 1   : 30%
Test 2   : 30%
Quiz     : 5%
Tutorial : 10%
Project  : 25%

Lecture Notes

Course Schedule

Laboratory Work



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