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Group Project

There are 4 different topics for you to choose for your group project which are



You can talk about anything that relates to your topic. You should have an introduction page that has links to at least 5 different html/htm files i.e., at least 5 links/web pages created by your group. You can use MS Word, Netscape Composer, Front Page or any other web page editors.  You can look at the different web pages in the NET. You can use the different scripting, JAVA applets, etc used by those website.

Include web media such as:


  1. graphic
  2. Gif animation
  3. audio files
  4. movie files (optional)


To hand in:

  1. Completed Web pages
  2. Documentation Document your project. Show that you understand the project and the process. What web media you are using and the respective plug-ins, etc. Your documentation should have an introduction, content, bibliography and page number. You should include the screen capture of your completed web pages. Make sure that you have your group number written on the completed work.
  3. PowerPoint presentation Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to show off your competed work. Include web media in your presentation. Make it as possible. You do not have to present it. So make sure that we can understand your work without you being here to present it.


Hand in your documentation in hard copy and a diskette containing other files (power point and web pages). Put down your group number and your group member's names on the diskette. Hand it to your lecturer (laboratory).


Date line : 19/02/ 2001 (Sat)

The Marking Scheme


Page number
Incorporating MS product, inc. table/chart/graph/pictures/footnotes, etc
Neatness (alignment, labeling etc)



Point forms (not lengthy)
Charts/ graphs
Creativity (animation, hyperlink, importing graphics, interface design, etc)
Presentation fluency




Please get into groups of 5 - 6 students.

You are required to choose a project topic that is relevant to your area/ faculty.

E.G you can cover Malaysian economy if you're from FEB, or Multimedia if you're from FIT, etc.

Please hand in a 1 page proposal containing the project topic, description and names of group members, matric # and Faculty. (include email add) before Monday 20/11/2000. NOTE: This is not your final report. I need this proposal to know who are in which group and your topic.



The Project - Report & Presentation

1.    You need to incorporate Microsoft office products, e.g., tables from excel. Etc.

2.    Each group will need to write a report using MS Words and to present using MS Power Point. Incorporate other products: MS Excel, etc.

3.    Report should include introduction and a discussion showing materials (tables, etc) produced using MS Office products. Max 10 pages, Min 6 Pages.

4.    We are interested in your creativity in incorporating the different MS Office products and NOT the depth of your topic.

5.    Presentation should display your creativity in incorporating the different MS Office products i.e., text, images, tables, etc. You'll need to use MS Power Point for your presentation.

6.    Hand In report before your presentation (Week 15 and 16--> 12/2 - 23/3)