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CAL Software  
Systematic Error Diagnosis Software

The SysErr software for DOS (download) (Interface in Bahasa Malaysia)
Article about the SysErr Software (In Bahasa Malaysia)
Description  The Systematic Error Diagnosis software for DOS was created to help train teacher trainees in diagnosing systematic errors made by children.  Initially this sofware only diagnoses basic multiplication errors.  Eventually it will contain other basic operations as found in the elementary school syllabus. 

The database of student error was gathered both from research findings and from actually observing children making the errors. 



Condition This was done in 1994 when I was on temporary placement for about a month in an elementary school. I used this opportunity to learn programming using Visual Basic. 
My Role I designed this software from concept to the current state it is in. 
Focus On Design, programming.
  Last updated: 8 June, 1998