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Some Suggestions Toward Improving The Teaching Of Reading Comprehension In Secondary School Level
Maktab Perguruan Batu Lintang
Zakaria bin Abdullah

Nowadays, in most secondary schools in Sarawak, one of the greatest concerns of teachers is how to help students improve their reading skills and making them more interested in English Language. In discussions of reading problems, teachers are familiar with these kind of complaints:

Sometimes my students read the words, but when they get through, they donít know what theyíve read

The textbooks are just too hard. The students can read most of the words, but they donít get the ideas, and the vocabulary doesnít mean anything to them.

These are but just a few of the problems I have heard from teachers during seminars and workshops. The purpose of this article is to look into some of these problems and find ways and means to improve the teaching and learning of comprehension at school level.



  1. Introduction
  2. Some Suggestions and the Rationales Behind Them
  3. Conclusion