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Work in groups of 3  to 5. Study and choose your own topic of interest.  Apply all the IS concept and Methodology in your System Development Life Cycle.

Project: 30%

  Criteria Detail Points
1 Report Writing Skill (5%) a. Table of content  
b. Reference/Bibliography  
c. Language Skill  
d. Report Layout  
e. Professionalism  
2 Report Content (4%) a. Flow of idea  
b. Argument of idea (analysis)  
c. Coverage of the problem  
d. Propose any solution  
3 Project Management Topic (3%) a. Scheduling  
b. Cost & Benefit Analysis  
c. Methodology  
4 System Development Topic (8%) a. Feasibility Study  
b. Fact Finding Techniques  
c. DFD  
d. DD  
e. ERD  
f. Hardware & Software Required  
g. User Manual  
h. Screen Snap Shot  

System: 10%

  Criteria Detail Points
5 System Features (10%) a. Add, Delete, Edit Features  
b. Search Engine/Query/Formula  
c. Screen Interface (feedback)  
d. Login & Security System  
e. Produce Report  




Total Points: ____________