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Simulation for the Web 

Start the Wetlands Peat Simulation
Description  This is a web based simulation demonstrating changes that can occur to peat wetland under three situations; the wetland is flooded, the wetland is left alone; the wetland is drained of its water.  This simulation was supposed to be in the 'See & Do Activities' section of the Wetlands web site. 

It was created using Macromedia Director and then Shockwaved for use in the web.  This is a first attempt of the wetlands project to explore the possibility of designing animated multimedia simulation for the web. 



Condition I volunteered as an intern for the wetland project during Summer and Fall 1997 for the Center of Excellence in Education. 
My Role I was part of a team in the wetland project, which comprised a content expert, software advisor, graphic artist and sound expert.  I played all the roles of the ID process for this product.  The other members of the team contributed their expertise when necessary like checking for accuracy of simulation, creating the final graphics and sound according to my specification and giving tips on alternative programming codes. 


Focus On Design, taking into account the tradeoff between creating a complex animation and containing file size in order to reduce loading time (well, I found out the hard way that size does matter).
  Last updated: 8 June, 1998