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Description  The Amateur Software Evaluation Repository is a web site designed for the teacher training colleges in Malaysia.  It will be a dynamic database for amateur instructional software designers to put their software to be used/evaluated by teacher trainees who form the bulk of the users.  The web site will allow the software developer to get statistical as well as qualitative feedback about their product.  In addition, this repository also contains a web based interactive tutorial, the Systematic Error Diagnosis Simulation which is in its final stage of completion. 

This project involved the use of Perl to generate HTML codes dynamically, Javascript and Java in an UNIX environment. 

Note:  As access to the cgi-bin directory is not possible, you will not be able see the Perl codes in action. 



Condition This was done during Spring 1997 as part of the course A548, Mastering the World Wide Web.  I was given some space in a UNIX based computer to install a server and do this project. 
My Role I designed this site from concept to the current state it is in. 
Focus On Design, programming.
  Last updated: 8 June, 1998