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Administration Software  
College/School Timetable Generator

The TTGen software for DOS (download) (Interface in Bahasa Malaysia) - Windows version coming soon!
TTGen software Manual (In English/BM mixed)
Description  The Timetable Generator was designed for the college where there is a high turnover of staff and very frequent changes has to be made to about one to two months after the begining of the college term. 

This software not only helps generates the timetable quickly, but also helps manage changes with visual tools.  It also has analytical tools to help the administrator analyze the timetable. 



Condition This was done in 1994/1995 when I was in charge of timetabling for the college.  I used this opportunity to learn more advanced concepts about programming using Visual Basic. 
My Role I designed this software from concept to the current state it is in. 
Focus On Design, programming.
  Last updated: 8 June, 1998