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The set of routines in LAPORAN helps you generate reports each time a timetable is generated or changed.



Senarai Pensyarah


Generates the list of lecturers as found in the file Guru.TXT and kept in the file LapPensy.TXT and LapPensy.123.




Senarai Kumpulan dan Bilik


Generates the list of classes and home rooms and special rooms where applicable. It is generated from the file KumBilik.TXT and kept in the file LapKBil.TXT and LapKBil.123.



Notis Perubahan


Makes a comparison between the Terima.DAT and Terima.OLD to generate the changes. They are generated in two ways, one, suitable for the staff (LapTPens.TXT) and the other suitable for the students (LapTKump.TXT).


To be able to use this routine you need to save a copy of the Terima.DAT in Terima.OLD each time you generate the timetable or after making changes.



Jadual Penggunaan Dewan


Generates the schedule for hall usage based on the Terima.DAT, Arahan 9 and Arahan 15. You can define the Dewan. This information will be kept in the file LapDewan.TXT.



Jadual Waktu Elektif


Generates the schedule as instructed in Arahan 12 found in the file Arahan.TXT. It does not need to be the subject Elektif. This information will be kept in the file LapElekt.TXT.



Jadual Waktu Gerko


You can generate the instructions in Arahan 15 with boundaries so as to place them close to the main timetable. They are kept in UtiGerko.TXT.



Tugas-tugas Khas


You can generate list of activities each lecturer is involved as defined in Arahan 15 (of the type 15,<>,,,). Two files are created, UtiAJK1.TXT is by lecturer, UtiAJK2.TXT is by Activity.