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BAIK PULIH tells you graphically why a data (from Tolak.DAT) in question was actually rejected. You may also find out which conditions in Arahan.txt (only Arahan 1 to 10) actually caused the DATA to be rejected at a selected period. It is hoped that you may be able to come with a compromise through this routine and pick a compromised period for the rejected data.


Choose the data you want from the combo box. Click the OK button and each period of the timetable will be lit with color codes as explained to the right of the timetable.

Color Meaning

White slot already occupied

Dark Green slot is empty

Light Green slot fulfills all conditions

Dark Red lecturer has a class during this time

Light Red lecturer is main lecturer at this time

Blue illegal slot (for double period)





The light green code signifies that the data can be slotted in as the slot fulfills all the criteria set. The light red codes signifies that the main lecturers in the data are main lecturers in other classes during the time in question.


Double periods are difficult to show. Each slot represent the average outcome for both periods. For example, the color code white for I1 (Isnin 1) signifies that at least one of the slots I1 or I2 is occupied by some other lecturer. Thus you will understand why the blue code for periods before a break or last period.


Blocks are also difficult to show. As for double periods each period represent the average outcome for all the classes.



Abai Syarat


You might choose to ignore a condition or two for the data in Tolak.DAT. Stating the conditions to be ignored in the `Abai Syarat' text box and pressing the OK button will give you a global picture of the slots that might fulfill your reduced conditions.






The statistic at the bottom of the screen keeps you informed of the number of single period data, double period data, block data and impossible data (data which is impossible to slot in because there is no available empty slot for the class, yes, probably because you might have erroneously added extra data for the class - this classification is done automatically when you generated the timetable) and the total number of data.



Pilih Waktu


If you decided on a slot, you could press the `Pilih Waktu' button, state the time and a message box with the original data together with the proposed data will appear asking you to confirm or cancel your choice.






Laporan will generate the status of the data in question for every period of the timetable. It will give for each period the exact condition(s) which caused a data to be rejected.



Note: The Baik Pulih routine only works if you have data in Tolak.DAT. You could add new data to your existing timetable by putting them in the file Tolak.DAT before using the BAIK PULIH routine. I don't think this method be convenient when you make changes to the timetable as most times it will not only involve adding of new data but also removing and SHIFTING existing slots in the timetable. You might want to consider the PERUBAHAN routine explained later.



Note: If you decide to use this routine to check data of your own place the data in the form


format : Kump$,Pensy$,Subjek$


e.g. 5,MNA|MNB/MAC,MATH (single period)


5,MNA|MNB,@SAIN (double period)


1/6,MNA|BAR+MNC\DBN,*PEN (block)


in Tolak.DAT. Make sure you add the symbols `*' or `@' where appropriate.