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QUERY allows you to elicit information about the following from the timetable.




These are further divided into 4 types. Suppose you chose PENSYARAH,



Query for Pensyarah


  • You may be able to find lecturers who are free for the range of time of your choice.


  • You could also find lecturers who are not free for the time range of your choice.


  • You could find when a group of lecturers of your choice are free.


  • Finally you could find out what a lecturer of your choice is doing at the time ranges specified by you. Though its stated lecturer only, you could state more than one by using the slash.


A special case for the last facility above would be when you leave the lecturer box empty for the time range you state. Its another way of asking `at the time range in question, what is nobody (slot is empty) doing ?'


If more than one lecturer is mentioned (by slashes) then you could find out what for each of them what they are doing during the time range stated.


The above four routines applies to BILIK and SUBJEK too. Normally a search is made for all the classes, but you could change this range. The search range for classes is all by default. You can choose to narrow the search in the text box provided.


Since Query involves input by the user and the user could be somebody other than the persons preparing the timetable, the list of codes for Lecturers, Rooms, Class, Time and Subject are available at the press of the KOD button.


Query searches the Terima.DAT, Arahan 9, 12 and 15.