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There are times when you have to make changes to your timetable. You make the changes on a printed copy of the main timetable first. You could make use of the JW INDUK, JW PERIBADI, JW KUMPULAN and BILIK KOSONG routines found in PERUBAHAN to help you chose convenient slots.





Use this routine to change the content of a slot. You select the class and time codes and then make the necessary changes to either the lecturer, subject or room codes. When satisfied, press TERIMA. TERIMA will check for all condition (1-10) including Arahan 15 if relevant. If conditions are not satisfied, you are warned and you may either cancel or accept the change.



Saling Tukar


For SALING TUKAR, you can swap data between two slots of your choice. The TERIMA performs the same function of warning you when conditions are not satisfied.



Tukar Semua


TUKAR SEMUA will allow you to either change a lecturer code, subject code or room code. Note that search and changes will only be made to the Terima.DAT. You will have to make the changes to the files Arahan.TXT and Kumbilik.TXT and Guru.TXT manually.

Note:You could generate a report of the changes in the timetable to serve as a notice to the staff and students (see LAPORAN). To do so, you keep a copy of the original Terima.DAT (before changes) in the file Terima.OLD.


This routine is normally used for cases where the timetable is already arranged, but there is occasional change in timetable. Your job will not only involve changing the timetable, but also quickly informing the changes to the persons concerned (i.e. the lecturers and the teacher trainee).



Go to the DOS prompt and copy Terima.Dat to Terima.Old and all the *.txt files to *.old. Activate the PERUBAHAN menu. Choose TUKAR.



You might want to do a short exercise. Make note of the content of the I1 for the 1st group. Go to the 2nd group for I1. Change the name of the lecturer to the one for the 1st group for I1 so as to purposely create a clash. Press TERIMA. Is your change accepted ? This time chose a name of your choice (you might want to make use of the KOD to select available choices) and make sure it is legal. Make a few more changes and confirm each time with the TERIMA.


You still have not generated a report of the changes. We will discuss that under Laporan.





The perincian generates the reasons why a data in question was rejected for all the periods of the week.