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Appendix B - Problems


This program is not supposed to hang if you follow all instructions to the letter, but who does ?


  • Make sure you check all the 6 data files using the Check routines found in the `Input' routine. Make the necessary corrections. The rest of the routines run on the assumption that these 6 files are OK.


  • This program might also hang if you used too many records (more than 30 classes by 43 periods) or large codes for teacher and subject names.


  • When you print the timetable, instead of vertical lines you might get odd symbols (a funny kind of n). It is not caused by this software. You must make some adjustments on your printer setting.


  • You might get an error message `Out of stack space' if you overuse some combination of buttons in a form. If you do get this message, just redo from start - latest changes may not have been saved.


  • If you suddenly get a blank colored screen when you pressed a button especially when you are moving into another selection, don't be unduly worried. Just press Ctrl-Alt-Del to start all over again. It's because the programmer might have forgotten to close certain file before moving into other files. It might occur on rare occasions and it is not harmful to your data.


  • If a message `Error at line .... at module ......' appears then it is the programmers fault of not capturing this error and thus not explaining to you what went wrong. The simplest solution would be to press any key to resume. If the error is so serious, you might want to contact the writer.